Command Central

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Live GPS Tracking and Vehicle Control Highlights

With only a few clicks of a mouse, you’ll have full control. Track the location of your vehicle or a fleet of vehicles in  real-time. Powerful auto-position updating with our Fleet Replay series products will literally have your fleet updating live as they move turn by turn.

Instant Notification Alert Highlights

From speeding and driver behaviour monitoring to excessive idling in a defined area. Receive real-time notifications directly to any cell phone via text message and email inbox.

Fleet Analytic Visual Reporting Highlights

DiyTrack provides true location based intelligence with our arsenal of analytic and historical reporting tools. Be in the know at all times as our servers precisely record all events reported by the DiyTrack GPS trackers. 


Our intuitive mapping dashboard and control center provides the ultimate interface for viewing and controlling a single vehicle or a fleet of thousands


The DiyTrack Landmark and POI tool allows you to identify, label and create unlimited number of locations such as plant sites, access roads and entry gates to project locations with custom shaped boundaries. The ability to mark these specific locations is ideal for companies looking to define and monitor vehicle speeds, boundary restrictions, or record entrance and exit times.


Advanced alert tools to allow you to define and create powerful customized vehicle specific rules to trigger emails or text message alerts. All based on the vehicle’s movement activity, location, speed, time and day

Comprehensive Reports

DiyTrack’s  fleet analytic reporting tools enable managers to precisely record, monitor and manage their mobile asset’s movements throughout the day. DiyTrack’s robust visual historical playback tools and an arsenal of fleet and vehicle managerial tabled reports are second to none in the industry.