Our Story

About DiyTrack

We are a worldwide GPS service provider with tailor made solutions for your unique requirements. We supply Tracking Devices that can be used for a wide range of applications at affordable prices.
DiyTrack is a self-managed tracking system to monitor the whereabouts of your vehicles,
people or any other assets in real-time.
We offer superior real-time web based GPS tracking solutions to both commercial and private consumers, providing detailed monitoring of fleet vehicles, cars, trucks, construction equipment and people. Empowering you to efficiently manage mobile asset, lower operational expenses, and improve personnel accountability.

No Contracts - No Monthly Service Fees

At DiyTrack, we understand that we live in a world of dynamic change; one that requires organizations, including our own, to be able to respond and adapt quickly to changes in the competitive landscape, economic environment, advancements in technology, and so on…
While it would certainly be nice to tie our customers to long-term agreements, we don’t believe this is in the best interest of our customers.
Many of our competitors entice their customers into signing long-term contracts by offering price reductions for the monthly services. Others internally finance or subsidize the tracking device hardware, which they recover through higher monthly service fees and long-term agreements.
We take a fresh approach. It’s called keep it simple and put your very best foot forward.

The Company DiyTrack

Founded in 2009, DiyTrack is a successful South African company that distributes our monitoring device and security products to more than 20 different countries worldwide.
Our production company employs more than 30 employees with a large percentage of them providing more than 20 years of experience to helping develop, maintain, and continually improve our products to better serve our customer’s needs.

Unlike other asset tracking companies, DiyTrack set out to develop a unique, self-monitored asset tracking system that would be cost effective to own & operate, with no contracts & no monthly subscription fees.

Today, The DiyTrack Informa vehicle tracker, currently in our fourth generation is one of the leading self-monitored vehicle tracking system on the market, featuring a range of functions such as immediate tamper/theft notification, over speed alerts, low battery, ignition alarms & remote immobilization, two way voice communication and with 24/7 access from anywhere in the world.

In late 2010, DiyTrack released its first mobile tracking device to the public due to increasing demand. Now anyone could keep a close eye on the elderly, assets, spouses, and employees for more information visit www.SafetyAngel.co.za

DiyTrack continuously strives to continually improve our products, maintain a high level of integrity, and push to develop the latest and most innovative Tracking Devices on the market at any time, thus keeping DiyTrack the number one affordable source for any tracking application!

A Proudly South African Company