Smart Phone Control & Mapping Dashboard

Live GPS Tracking and Vehicle Control Highlights

Track the location of your vehicle or a fleet of vehicles in real-time. Powerful auto-position updating.

Instant Notification Alert Highlights

From speeding and driver behaviour monitoring to excessive idling in a defined area. Receive real-time notifications directly on your Smart phone 

Exception & Stop Details

Get “up to the minute” details on your fleet’s movement history. Know when, where, how fast and for how long, all from your finger tips via the DiyTrack GPS Smartphone App


Our intuitive mapping dashboard and control center provides the ultimate interface for viewing and controlling a single vehicle or a fleet of thousands

Google Street View

DiyTrack has harnessed the power of Google’s web mapping service, giving you a fast and accurate mapping solution. Evaluate your fleet locations even more intelligently with Google’s Street View feature

Automatic Vehicle Location Updating

DiyTrack’s industry leading hardware is programmed to automatically update the location, speed, and direction of your assets giving you automatic viewing of your fleet in action.

History Playback

Visually replay your vehicle’s movement history on a map including all starts, stops, over-speeds, idling and much more via your Smartphone.

Theft Controls

The intelligence behind this main control screen is unparalleled. If equipped, the DiyTrack GPS app can even send a starter disable command, and within seconds your stolen vehicle would be disabled.