GPS tracking systems for business

Two of the highest cost in a small business may be their payroll expenses and their vehicle cost. Each of these takes a burden on the small business owner. DiyTrack understands the demands of small owner-managed business and associated costs.

GPS tracking systems for private use

Ideal in the family vehicle providing peace of mind should a loved one be late home. Monitor teenager’s driving habits, with over-speed threshold settings to notify of excessive speeding, even immobilize the vehicle when your child has been grounded..

Livestock Tracking

The GPS EarTrack for Livestock will allow the real-time tracking of individual animals

  • REAL Time GPS Tracking
  • Track multiple animals together 
  • Geofence

Portable Trackers

A discrete Mini GPS Tracker that packs some excellent functionality

  • REAL Time GPS Tracking
  • SOS button
  • Geofence
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