Cold Track GPS Temperature Monitoring

Seamlessly Integrated with Live GPS Tracking

ColdTrack solution is an addition to the Business management solution.

Temperature sensors integrated in DiyTrack GPS Business management solution helps to monitor real-time temperature and also provides GPS-based fleet information, with temperature control objectives.

Temperature sensor in fleet vehicle tracking allows fleet managers to get real-time temperature, location, status and history reports

Temperature Monitoring helps smart companies to reduce waste and increase customer satisfaction quickly.

Industry Leaders

ColdTrack provides a complete solution dedicated to the refrigerated transport industry sector providing temperature information which is sent back in real-time via the DiyTrack tracking platform.

It is invaluable in ensuring a safe and dependable cool-chain and ensures you are alerted the momenta chamber goes out
of the required range. Integration of information with your tracking data allows you to prove the temperature that a load
was transported at through a detailed audit trail. ColdTrack will give you and your customers real competitive advantage in running an efficient and productive refrigerated transport operation.

Increase Operating Efficiency

A powerful combination of sensors and instant alerts provide visibility and control of your entire operation

Ensure Product Quality

affordable temperature management solution monitors vehicles in-transit to prevent product spoilage

Benifits of GPS cold chain management

  • Real-time visibility of chamber temperatures across your fleet
  • Real-time alerts ensure you are in control
  • Provide customers with proof of load temperature
  • No need for separate data logging unit
  • Temperature information is sent back in real-time
  • Audit trail for reporting and dealing with discrepancies