Protect Your Ride
with GPS Tracking

Protect Your Ride Protect your Freedom

If you’re a superbike or cruiser owner looking for peace of mind….
you’re looking for real-time GPS- based security and tracking.The past few years have seen the cost of new, high-end motorcycles skyrocket; but they haven’t seen any major advances in security technology to protect them. In times like these, owners need every advantage possible when it comes to protecting their rides!

Advanced Technology

Employing the same Advanced GPS satellite technology used by navigation systems, DiyTrack motorcycle tracker utilizes a web-based control panel to instantly and accurately locate any type of motorcycle equipped with the DiyTrack motorcycle tracker from any computer or smart-phone. In addition to providing a map and street address for the location of your Bike, the online tracking platform lets users access optional features such as remote engine disable/ enable function and SMS or email security alerts.

  • Compact and Discrete
  • Vibration Resistant
  • Waterproof and Weatherproof
  • Only draws 4 mA  (doesn’t drain battery)
  • Easy to install
  • Simple and uncomplicated
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Accident Notification*
  • Alarm Notification
  • Towing/Movement Alert Notification*
  • Engine Disable/Enable


“See” Your Bike Anytime, Anywhere

Multiple Geo-Fences

Location Based Intelligence

DiyTrack’s landmark tool allows you to identify, label and create custom shaped boundaries.

  • Record in & out times for specific locations
  • 24/7 boundary monitoring
  • Location entrance and exit notifications.

Comprehensive Reports

DiyTrack’s reports enable owners to precisely record, monitor and manage their vehicle’s movements throughout the day useing robust visual history playback tools and an arsenal of management reports are second to none in the industry.

Website Dashboard & Mobile App

DiyTrack’s mapping dashboard interface is part of a “World Class’end to end GPS fleet management solution that has been specifically designed to overcome the hurdles of displaying, grouping and tracking multiple vehicles on one screen. 

  • Asset list display
  • Asset Search & Labelling
  • Landmark / POI
  • Creation Tool
  • Custom Alerts
  • History Playback Managerial Reports