Heavy Vehicle GPS Management

Vehicle Tracking Benefits

The DiyTrack Heavy Vehicle Solution is perfect for businesses that want to elevate their fleet intelligence by accurately monitoring and managing their construction vehicles Our GPS tracking module is one of the most value packed tracking devices to hit the GPS Equipment Monitoring industry with the ability to accurately monitor engine hours, making this device the #1 choice for Heavy Vehicle Monitoring

Information is Power

  • Confirm Departure and Arrival Time
  • Validate Billing & Hours Worked
  • Audit Vehicle Movement History
  • Monitor After Hours Vehicle Usage
  • Reports Location Breach

“When location and engine hours are everything, monitor your machine’s usage 24/7 from across the globe”

Professional Excellence

  • Live Vehicle Position Updating
  • Engine Hours Accumulation
  • Real-Time Running Status
  • Power Tamper Alert
  • Built-in-Backup Battery
  • Sleep Mode for Zero Battery Drain
  • Motion Sensor ( sleep mode wake-up)

Industry Leaders

The DiyTrack tracking platform interface is a world class fleet management mapping interface that combines the latest in technology with an intuitive, easy to use design.By using the interface our clients can easily monitor their vehicles across the street or across the continent. With DiyTrack you will gain access to fleet management tools that will help you become more efficient and be better equipped to manage your vehicles with ease. Utilizing GPS technology, we specialize in letting you know where your vehicles are, where your vehicles have been and all their activities in between.

Multiple Geo-Fences

Location Based Intelligence

Once your Heavy Vehicle are equipped with the DiyTrack module, you’ll be better abled to manage your vehicles by knowing what assets are located at specific jobsites, store yards and which assets are in transit. The DiyTrack Landmark Alert tool allows you to mark, label and group these locations with a few simple clicks of the mouse. When your vehicles leave the jobsite, an alert will be sent.

  • Record in & out times for specific locations
  • 24/7 boundary monitoring
  • Location entrance and exit notifications.
  • Organize locations by zones or projects.

24/7 Boundary Monitoring

DiyTrack’s mapping dashboard website can be used to keep track of locations that are important to your business and send “custom alerts ‘ based on various activities.
In addition, you will have the ability to create boundary rules and define high priority breach alerts based upon a vehicle’s location.

Comprehensive Reports

DiyTrack’s reports enable business owners and managers to precisely record, monitor and manage their vehicle’s movements throughout the day useing robust visual history playback tools and an arsenal of management reports are second to none in the industry.

Website Dashboard & Mobile App

DiyTrack’s mapping dashboard interface is part of a “World Class’end to end GPS fleet management solution that has been specifically designed to overcome the hurdles of displaying, grouping and tracking multiple vehicles on one screen. 

  • Asset list display
  • Asset Search & Labelling
  • Landmark / POI
  • Creation Tool
  • Custom Alerts
  • History Playback Managerial Reports

Instant Real-Time Notifications

  • Vehicle Entering / Exiting Job Sites
  • Afterhour Detection of Vehicle Usage
  • Geofence Breach