USB Car Charger GPS Tracker

Vehicle Tracking Benefits

The DiyTrack Car Charger Tracker can be used to track anything with pinpoint accuracy. In addition to being
a GPS tracker, it is also a functional USB charger.   Easily track any vehicle with our cloud based apps.

No Wires

The The DiyTrack Car charger tracker revolutionizes vehicle GPS tracking by allowing anyone to perform an installation in mere seconds, without any wiring or external antenna. The installation process is quick, easy, and doesn’t require any special tools or the assistance of a professional installer.

Once installed, it delivers real time visibility into your over-the-road fleet to drive down service and fuel costs while improving logistics, safety and driver accountability.

Disguised as a Real working USB car charger, with NO indication that it is a GPS Tracking device

Industry Leaders

  • Track vehicles, family members, employees or assets
  • Speed Reporting
  • Real time reporting and geofencing
  • Get alerts when devices leaves a designated area
  • SOS Button
  • Unplugged alarm
  • View historic location (route playback)
  • Trackable on the web or any iOS or Android device.


Multiple Geo-Fences

Location Based Intelligence

DiyTrack’s landmark tool allows you to identify, label and create custom shaped boundaries.

  • Record in & out times for specific locations
  • 24/7 boundary monitoring
  • Location entrance and exit notifications.

Comprehensive Reports

DiyTrack’s reports enable owners to precisely record, monitor and manage their vehicle’s movements throughout the day useing robust visual history playback tools and an arsenal of management reports are second to none in the industry.

Website Dashboard & Mobile App

DiyTrack’s mapping dashboard interface is part of a “World Class’end to end GPS fleet management solution that has been specifically designed to overcome the hurdles of displaying, grouping and tracking multiple vehicles on one screen. 

  • Asset list display
  • Asset Search & Labelling
  • Landmark / POI
  • Creation Tool
  • Custom Alerts
  • History Playback Managerial Reports