Frequently Asked Questions
about GPS Tracking
Global Positioning System
GPS, which stands for Global Positioning System, is a satellite navigation system that can ascertain the latitude and longitude of a GPS receiver device on the Earth. The GPS consists of more than two dozen global positioning satellites orbiting the earth. Each satellite transmits radio signals, which can help determine the location, speed and direction of travel of users equipped with GPS receivers.
To ensure that the whole world is covered by the constellation of the GPS satellites, they are so arranged that four satellites are positioned in each of six orbital planes.
A GPS tracking unit can determine the precise location of any individual or vehicle carrying the GPS receiver.
Data about location and other aspects can be stored in various forms, depending on the type of tracking unit.
The location of the object or individual being tracked is often recorded at regular intervals. Recording of an object can take place within the GPS receiver unit, or can be transmitted to a central location such as a database, where it can be accessed either via mobile technology or over the internet.
GPS tracking systems can typically be viewed in real-time and have a map in the background to display the current location of an object.
Will the Trackers work in my country?
Our trackers work worldwide where there is a 2G GSM cellular network. Our trackers contain a quad-band GSM modem to enable it to work on any 2G GSM network (including the US and Europe).
My Network is 3G
Most of the networks are 3G + 2G .
Cellular costs are high in my country
Don’t panic it will not cost a “premium”. Our trackers use GPRS and only uses a small amount of data to allow internet uploads and will use approximately 20MB of data per month, for Live Tracking 24/7..
Since it will use very little credit "pre-paid" is the most cost effective way to go :- just top it up occasionally
How accurate is the tracker?
Accuracy can be up to 10 meters, but location and environmental factors can affect this.
Are there set-up and ongoing cost involed?
Yes!! Our Systems are typically very simple to install, and in fact, 90% of our customers install the systems themselves (comes with a comprehensive step by step guide). However any competent auto electrician or vehicle fitment centre should be able to do the fitment should you decide to use a professional.
Can i conceal the tracking system from my drivers?
Yes. Our units are quite small and once installed no one will see or know that there is a tracking device fitted to the vehicle.
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