DiyTrack™ provides top rated GPS and smart security products throughout South Africa and internationally. Secure GPS features include Smarphone App, dashboard mapping, Vehicle Alarm and Theft Recovery Systems, track large scale commercial GPS Fleets, trailer trucks, and heavy duty equipment management and Driver Behavior monitoring, with excellent after sales support. Copyright (C) 2009 / 2019 DiyTrack™
GPS tracking systems for private use
Ideal in the family vehicle providing peace of mind should a loved one be late home. Monitor teenager’s driving habits, with over-speed threshold settings to notify of excessive speeding, even immobilize the vehicle when your child has been grounded.

Unlike cars, motorcycles can easily be stolen without having to start them. A stolen motorcycle can be placed in the back of a standard LDV, rendering wheel, calliper and steering locks useless. Some OEM security solutions include engine immobilization technologies but these only help if the thief intends to drive them off. Alarms that include flashing lights and sirens are easily disabled with the use of an ordinary hammer.
Once a motorcycle is stolen the chances of recovering the motorcycle decrease with every passing hour which is why you need the The DiyTrack™ active self-monitoring security system.
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Business Tracking Series
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